Heating and Cooling Repair and Maintenance

Indoor Air Quality

Breathe easier with improved indoor air quality.

Did you know there can be 5x more air pollution inside your house than outside of it? Luckily, we can help you find the right product and solution to improve the air quality in your home.
How can you tell if your home has an indoor air quality problem?

Odors & Other Surface Issues

Musty odors or condensation on windows can be a sign of poor indoor air quaility. You may also see discoloration of walls or ceilings, loose drywall tape, wood warping, and peeling or chipping of paint.

Health Symptoms

If you have an indoor air quality problem, it may be affecting how you feel. If you can breathe easier when you're away from home, your home's air may not be as healthy as it should be.

How can you improve the air quality in your home?
Proper Ventilation

A whole-house ventilation system exchanges outside and indoor air, which can help keep your home's air clean.

Control the Humidity

Make sure your home's humidity is between 30% and 50% to limit mold growth. You can also install a humidifier or dehumidifier.

Keep it Clean

Regular vacuuming of carpets can reduce the amount of mites in the air.

Replace Your Filters

Make sure you stay up-to-date on your air filter replacement. These filters prevent pollutants from building up in your heating and cooling systems.

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